Lymphoedema Treatments

Education is essential 

All lymphoedema should be treated and as early as possible.

Linley is trained to apply the normal bandaging that can be applied to help reduce lymphoedema, and also to provide a range of exercises tailored to suit individual needs including advice.

Linley is a Certified Kinesio Taping practitioner (CKTP) and is able to apply Kinesio Tex Tape to help reduce lymphoedema which is a new method to help alleviate lymphoedema. The tape is light and feels like skin, unlike the thick compression stockings.

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"For me Kinesio tape was ‘instant pain relief’ Pressure stocking versus Kinesio tape- Kinesio tape wins - no contest. I feel that without Kinesio tape my situation would now be dire. I feel so lucky to have experienced its benefits."

Kate (Hamilton District)
"I have bone cancer and was given permission by my specialist to try Kinesio tape for my ankle pain which I have had for 16 months. The pain has reduced more than 50% thanks to Kinesio tape."