Massage Treatments

Linley offers sports massages for those who have musculoskeletal injuries with a variety of balms to add healing. As a physiotherapist she also will pick up if you are requiring more intervention for example if a joint is stiff   she is able to mobilize that joint or if a muscle is shortened Linley can prescribe the appropriate stretches.

Linley also has been trained in shiatsu massage and has practiced this technique for 18 years. It is something she incorporates to help get energy flowing correctly around the body to optimize health and alleviate pain.


Tracy (Papamoa)
"I have often had tension headaches and pain across my shoulders and neck over the years. Linley massages my upper back and neck, gets into the knots, if necessary mobilizes my joints which relieves my pain quickly like 1 treatment and for quite some months."

Jean (Hamilton)
"I have been going to Linley for quite some time now for massages on my back and would certainly recommend her highly to anyone. I have monthly maintenance now and after I come out I just feel like gliding I feel so good."

Optimize health and alleviate pain