Postural Correction

Muscle balancing

Strengthening weak muscles and lengthening shortened muscles to prevent abnormal pull on attachments causing faulty mechanical alignments within the body.

Kinesio taping can assist with hastening rehabilitation.   

We offer advice with workplace, home, recreation and driving postures.


Shannon Dowd (Hamilton)
"I started going to see Linley Dec 2009. My complaints were sore shoulders, back ache, headaches and tingling in my fingers. My main problem was my posture as I am a hairdresser I slouch over my clients and adopt poor postures. We started using kinesio tape and acupuncture. There has been a great difference in the improvement of my posture, even my clients are noticing it. My aches and pains and tingling have gone. I would highly recommend Hands On Body Therapy to anyone."

Brad (Matamata)
"Kinesio tape has improved my posture. My back and shoulders are straightened out; I have less back pain and can play cricket and volleyball a lot longer, and bowl a whole lot better and faster."